Mission Statement



Abizaid Publishing helps to raise public awareness for the young women and children in the communities in and around Clark, Philippines (www.helpphilippineschools.org) by bringing the east and west together through song; working with the children to help further their education through songwriting techniques and through teaching them how to become self-sufficient in their communities as they grow to become adults.

Abizaid Publishing brings attention specifically to the Aeta, native indigenous people of the Philippines, who are at a desperate disadvantage financially needing the daily basic necessities of water and electricity for their villages to survive. They too may learn how to build on their current primitive lifestyle to one day have the opportunity to become part of societies in the World today if they so desire.


Abizaid Publishing pursues this mission through her commitment to:

– Passion for children, music and world peace

– Each child’s individual development for absolute happiness creating a more peaceful society

– Helping to develop and transform the communities to become self-sufficient especially for the growth and needs of the children.

– Bringing food, water and electricity to villages in need of these basic health and survival requirements.

– Partnering with individual philanthropists and like-minded corporations.

– Public Awareness leading to informed understanding, compassion, empathy and involvement.

Amanda Abizaid with Help Philippine Schools documentary video



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