Today as I begin my day, humbled by the loss of my childhood friend yesterday, I move forward with gratitude in my heart. This morning, I received an email from Robert T. Wagner, the founder of with some pictures of the new Aeta Villages we’ve been supporting through my GoFundMe Campaign. In the last month I received 2 donations of which I sent to him totaling $200. That may not seem like a lot to us here in the US but for Robert and the Aeta, it’s enough to add to the progress. Every bit helps. These donations have contributed to the following Aeta Villages below.  The great thing about giving to this foundation is that I personally know Robert and we always know where the money is going right away. Thank you for your continued support! Know that we are helping these people through music. You enrich my life with your participation and donations to this cause. Have a blessed day! Amanda

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