Hi everyone, I wanted to share two new videos with you today. This past week I received an email from Dawn Wiley, Outreach Coordinator for Girls Incorporated (Girls Inc.) of Sarasota County Last summer on my tour to Florida, I went to visit the...

Star Keeper Cafe Show in Sarasota, FL

Hi all, I had a great gig at this amazing place here in Sarasota, Florida called the Star Keeper Cafe. It is so cute and the people there are so nice and friendly. If you are in Sarasota you can’t miss this spot. The owner’s husband John, said the coolest...

Parkinson’s Benefit in Sarasota

Hi there, I met some really great people today at the Parkinson’s Benefit in Sarasota and learned a lot too!! Did you know that the research shows that forced peddling at approximately 80rpms potentially can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s by up to...

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