FYC Best Global Music Performance 

"Hold On My Heart" - Arabic version 

featuring Dimitris Mahlis on Oud

I want to personally thank you for your consideration this Grammy season. We all experience love and heartache no matter our race, color, language or culture. With my bilingual song "Hold On My Heart" Arabic version and through these commonalities, I hope to inspire compassion and empathy for one another. This will help bring peace to our world, my ultimate goal in making music.  With Gratitude, Amanda

About the song: 

I love to sing in my native language Arabic and was excited to collaborate with Dimitris Mahlis featured on Oud. Dimitris Mahlis (Los Angeles Chambers Orchestra, featured on the soundtrack to the Oscar winning film “Argo”) is an eclectic interpreter of many musical traditions that are both earthy yet intricate. 

My ultimate goal is to bring the East and West together through song. "Hold On My Heart" - Arabic version is a story that crosses loves barriers as told through music, the universal language. "The human experiences of love and heartbreak lyrically merge and inspire our cultures to come together." 

Amanda Abizaid's "Hold on My Heart" takes you on a sonic journey with beautifully sung bilingual lyrics. Amanda blends cultural traditions gracefully, drawing upon harmonies from the Middle East. A first class production." - Kabir Sehgal