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Vocals, Amanda Abizaid
Written by Amanda Abizaid and Lindsay Gillis.
Produced by Sundown Studio Sessions Los Angeles, Ca.
Vocals recorded at Baysound Studios, Sarasota, Fl.


Sunrise come and get me
Steal me away in to the new day
You help bring a smile to my face
Ooh, sometimes, I wish we were good again
We were so young when we met
Now I can’t quiet the voices in my head
Verse 2
I never thought the day would come
When you would say our love was done
So much pain and words thrown around
Hmm, and it doesn’t make it easier now Transitional two
I’ve never felt my heart ache like this before Chromatic section
The dreams we had are in the past now
And our plans are put to bed
Half a lifetime spent over thinking everything Did I say it right or do it wrong
These thoughts swim around my head
Down step
Ooh when I look in the mirror
Ooh, I don’t know who I see
This is scary but I’ll dig deep down
I’ll figure it all out somehow
Ooh, I might trip over myself time and time again Transitional
Ooh, it wasn’t out of a lack of loving you The hardest thing I’ll ever have to do
Is to say goodbye to you
With everyday I’m more familiar and I can say I have loved
With all it has to bring and offer
I have loved
And I’ll do it all over again to say
I have loved
And when I speak of you I’ll remember
I have loved
Someday it’ll bring me peace to know
I have loved
When I see the flowers open with day’s first light
I have loved
Ooh, when I take a walk in the rain under cloud filled skies I have loved
When the sun sets and fades into dark's night
I have loved
The hardest thing I’ll ever have to do
Is to say goodbye to you